Hey guys,

So Visar and I are beyond bad about trying new places. We are textbook creatures of habit and when we start to think about it, we get so bummed out. We have been in a new city for about a year and have discovered our 5 favorite spots to eat and have just stuck with those. How lame are we? One of the best parts of moving is discovering new habitats! We need to get our shit together, I know.  Well, last weekend Vis and I were all like “OK! We are trying new jams, end of story.” And we were pleasantly surprised at our new discovery.

Clearwater has plenty of cities within 20 mins, so we decided to venture out to downtown Dunedin. This is a place we have been to plenty of times since our sushi spot is located there. Every time we eat sushi we see this restaurant “The Living Room” across the way and honestly it doesn’t look too special from the outside but last Saturday we decided to go for it and let me just say, when you step inside, it is amazing! Seriously, enter a hundred heart eye emojiis here. I was freaking with the instant obsession that came through me. The decor, the music, the cocktail names, I was high just on being in a place that is so my vibe. AND triple bonus, the food was so good. Honestly, I was sold the second I walked in and saw the vertical garden and a cocktail named the “Don Draper” but then they started playing Lana Del Rey and that just sealed the deal for me. SOLD… I’m telling you, check it out. I already claimed this my birthday place.

Moral of the blog post is, try new places. This is to me because I am a repeat offender of going to the same places over and over again and the only reader of this blog is me. SO MOLLS…try new places.





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