No Blog Virgin

Happy to be back in my own corner of the internet, holla! I am no stranger to the blogging world. For a while I was pretty good at keeping up with my little fashion blog “Sir Paul and Company”.  Well after several failed “start the blog back up” attempts, I decided to start fresh. Mmmmm is there anything better than starting fresh and new? This time around, I am not so interested in solely focusing on fashion. Really, the whole reason I quit the blog is that I thought that it made me come across as self absorbed, something that I did not want to be perceived as. I adore writing and being creative, it’s something that soothes my soul and sends good vibes all down my spine.  My life has changed now anyways, done with FSU, I have a big girl job (YAY STAFFING! If you need help finding a job, hit me up), I’m married (please don’t ask me when I’m having kids) and as an extra cherry on top, we now live in our own little paradise, Clearwater Beach. Really, I have no idea what we did before living by the water. It’s a complete and total game changer and it’s something Visar and I have both dreamed about since we were little chicklings. Sometimes at the beach, we look at each other in awe, with those “pinch me, I’m dreaming!” eyes.

Here I go, rambling already, something I just love to do on the internet. In my defense, it’s like free therapy! I’ll do my best to keep this up, try and share things like photos I take, recipes I cook, funny tidbits about my life and maybe even an occasional outfit or two. Blogging is a great creative outlet, let’s hope I stick with it. Come on Molly, stick with it, I know you love this shit.

Anyways, please stick around, share your thoughts and ideas with me.

Sending good vibes your way xx


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